RedFeather EP

by Red Feather

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released 20 February 2013



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Track Name: Falconer
Flying high over miles of road we go back and do what we're told.
In your box nothing grows you will wait to grow old.
As the sun covers ground we ride out young and proud.
Where's your strength? Is it gone? You look down, a walk through the dawn.
Can you wait for the oceans to evolve?
Can you wait for the mountains to dissolve?
In the trees I will wait on a limb and wait to awake.
In the fields full of grey your mind's sit and wait to awake.
Can you wait for the oceans to evolve?
Can you wait for the mountains to dissolve?
Track Name: Black Bear
"How can this wait?", so you say. We wake at dawn and face the day.
By the lake. Hurricanes. Lay your heads, Oryx and Crake.
And you will go.
And you will grow.
Then you will know.
Then you will show.
The bear speaks with the fox. Ancient paths chained and locked.
Track Name: Canyons of Your Soul
The devil walks through these halls. She sits next to you.
Swaying to and fro she talks to you.
Claiming she'll save your soul she lies to
The devil sits in his home. He smiles at you.
Laying there his hounds do moan They cry for you.
Crackling his fire grows. It smothers you.

How can you ever grow when you mind is so enclosed?
You will always say no until you learn to let go.

Eagles soar high above. They are hunting you.
The bears will gather around. They love you.
Looking back on your life they will heal you.
Sitting within the fog are clouds of you.
Rising up from the smoke in shades of blue.
Glowing in your eye is a new view.

And the waters will flow and the canopies will shade.
And in the canyons of your soul, that's where you will be saved.
That's where you will be saved.